SSL is required if you’re using the 2Checkout payment API. It is required to safely call the tokenization and authorizations. The system will function without SSL, however, this will place you out of compliance, which risks deactivation of your API permissions.

To setup 2Checkout payment gateway you will need the following details:

  1. Account number – http://help.2checkout.com/articles/FAQ/Where-is-my-Seller-ID
  2. Private and Publishable keys – http://help.2checkout.com/articles/FAQ/Where-do-I-find-the-Publishable-and-Private-keys

Navigate to Setup->Settings->Payment Gateways->2Checkout and add your Account numberprivate and publishable key into the gateway settings.

2checkout perfex crm

Testing 2Checkout

To test 2Checkout payment gateway you will need sandbox account. Click here to create sandbox account if you dont have already.

After creating sandbox account follow the steps mentioned below:

2checkout sandbox perfex

To enable the Payment API in your sandbox account, simply click on the API tab, then review and accept the API agreement.

This takes you into the API settings page where you can find your sandbox API keys and sample credit card data to use.

2checkout sandbox perfex

Click on the top profile icon to get your sandbox account id and navigate to Setup->Settings->Payment Gateways->2checkout and add the Account id, Test Publishable Key and Test Private Key and set Testing Mode to Yes

Save the settings.

When using live credentials, your account needs to be approved from 2checkout for live sales/transactions.
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