Perfex CRM currently support 2 integrations for
AIM – Advanced Integration Method (An SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.)
SIM – Server Integration Method
Setup AIM
Setup and Configuration

To setup you need to have active account.
Obtain credentials for API usage.

Login to your account and click on “Account” on the top right side. perfex crm
In the left menu Account area click on “Settings” perfex crm
Click on API credentials area located in the security settings perfex crm
You will need to get API Login ID & Transaction Key, your API Login ID will be displayed on the current page perfex crm
To get a new Transaction Key, you will need to answer the security question at the bottom of the page below the Create New Key(s) section, check the “Disable Old transaction Key(s)” checkbox and press Submit.
Copy your API Login ID and Transaction Key and add to the settings area for Payment gateways in Perfex CRM perfex crm

The test transactions wont be shown in your sandbox account by default. Set Developer Mode to YES in Perfex CRM and set Live Mode to your sandbox account to see the test transactions.
Authorize.NET supports only 1 currency per account, in the currency field add only 1 currency eq: USD or AUD etc..

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